Preoperative assessment form

First time in our dental practice or some changes in you patient history (residency, medication, phone number etc.) Here you can download our preoperative assessment form.

Business appointments

Sometimes dentist appointments are not that easy to schedule for occupational dedicated people. We offer you the possibility to schedule late appointments or long term appointments in case of extensive treatments to reduce the visits to our practice.


You can pay with EC-Cash in our practice. We do not accept credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa or Diners Club.


In our waiting area you will find a coffee bar and refreshing mineral water, just help yourself.

Gift coupons

We offer gift coupons for dental cleanings and bleaching, just ask for it.

House call/ Home visits

If you are not in the physical condition to visit our dental practice it is possible to schedule hose calls/ home visits for simple treatments.

Children’s corner

Children will not be bored in our dental practice. We have lots of toys and books for children in our children’s corner.


For stress less dental treatments we have air-conditioning in our dental practice. The air-conditioning helps us to create a comfortable atmosphere during the hot days of the year and helps us to keep concentrating on your treatment.

Thermal packs/ Cool packs

We offer you thermal/ cool packs to take home after surgery for just a small fee. Our patients can reach us after surgery off-time our opening hours by calling one of our emergency numbers.


Do you not like the noises in a dental practice or feel discomfort, bring yourself some music to listen to during the treatment. Just bring your MP3-Player.

General anesthesia

We offer our patients several choices of anesthesia. Usually local anesthesia is the most accepted one for our treatment, but you also have the choice of sedation or general anesthesia. This can be an option for surgical treatments or long-lasting treatments. We work together with experienced anesthesiologists.

Professional denture cleaning

We offer you a professional cleaning of your partial or complete dentures to increase the wearing comfort of your dentures.


Do you need a new crown, bridge or dental implants and you are short of budget, we offer partial payments for our patients over our ZAB.


Regular preventive check-ups and dental cleanings are important for your dental health. We offer you are personal recall service to remind you in time of your next preventive check-up. You have the choice of postcard, SMS or E-mail reminders.

Pain therapy

In urgent pain cases give us a call and we will take care of a short-term appointment. On the weekends there is an emergency dental service available.


You are expecting a baby, we will advise you in questions of dental health and nutrition for you and your baby. Interested, just schedule you personal consultation appointment.


In our waiting area you will find a huge variety of magazines for every interest, ask for magazines in English language.

Dental laboratory

Enclosed to our dental practice we have our own dental laboratory with two technicians, which makes it easy in case of repairs on your dentures or taking the right dental colour for your prosthesis.